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1. About Terms

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These documents apply to all Users.
These Terms are a legally binding agreement between you and Ticketly and outline your rights and responsibilities while using our Services. If you are using the Services on behalf of another person or business, you agree that these Terms also apply to that party.

1.1 Ticketly Entity
You are hereby contracting with:
SI Events AB
Warfvinges väg 18
112 51, Stockholm

VAT Registration no. SE559203595901
All notices shall be sent to hello@ticketly.eu.

2. Ticketly Services

2.1 Scope

Ticketly provides the following services:

Displaying and listing events as submitted by the Organiser.
Accepting and processing on­line orders for tickets to the event.
Providing Consumers with a confirmation number for their transaction and their ticket.
Assisting Organisers in marketing their events to relevant Consumers.
Providing the tools and platform for Organisers to create, manage, ticket, and host their events.

2.2 Organiser Responsibility

Ticketly does not create, organise, or own the events listed.
The Organiser is solely responsible for making sure that the event page and the event itself comply with all applicable laws and that any products and services offered on their event page are delivered according to their description.

On certain cases we help organisers to create event when there is any technical glitch in our platform. In this case too , we are not responsible for the event or how the event is been handled or organised. It is the sole responsiblity of the organiser.

2.3 Order Processing

Orders will be processed after User’s card is processed. The User will receive an email confirmation of a successfully processed order shortly after the transaction is completed.
If the User does not receive an email confirmation or experiences an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is the User’s responsibility to confirm with Ticketly whether or not the order has been placed by contacting our customer support or emailing us at hello@ticketly.eu
Users hereby authorise Ticketly to charge or debit their payment card or other account for the face value of any tickets purchase, as well as any fees or other charges (such as taxes) that may be due in connection with any transactions requested through Ticketly.

3. Privacy Policy

Information provided to Ticketly by Users or collected by Ticketly is governed by our Privacy Policy.

4. Payment

All transaction through Ticketly is secured by RapidSSL.We dont store your card information and the details are processed by our payment processor Stripe.

5. Tickets

Ticketly send tickets to your email which was provided during the booking process. The tickets can be transfered with the proper guidance of the Event Organiser. Tickets may not be traded for commercial purposes. without permission from the Event Organsier. Ticketly has the right to cancel the tickets if the above rules are violated.

6. Lost Ticket

Please contact the organiser or Ticketly customer support to re-issue a ticket.

7. Ticket Refund

Ticketly sells tickets on behalf of Venues/Event Organisers. Refund process should be initiated through Event Organsier and Ticketly will act accordingly. Any dispute regarding cancellations/refund should be resolved with Event Organiser.

8. Cancelled event

An event is considered as cancelled if it has not taken place at all. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to communicate with the customer regarding the cancellation or change of dates of Event. If an event is cancelled or changed the dates/venue , please contact the Event Organiser/Venue regarding the cancellation of tickets.

9. Personal data

When you buy a ticket through Ticketly we store the information about you in our systems. Ticketly or Event Organiser will not disclose your personal information to third parties. Ticketly won't use this information for any marketing purpose.

10. Taxes

It is the responsibility of Event Organiser to understand the local tax rules and report to the corresponding country authorities. Ticketly will charge the Event Organiser , if we are asked to pay any tax or fees by any governmental authority in connection with the usage of our services by the Event Organiser. Ticketly won't report the VAT for the Ticket Amount, we only report tax for the Service Charge we collect. It is the responsibility of the Event Organsier/Venue to report the VAT for the tickets sold to the corresponding authorities.

11.Ticketly Sub-Processors

Ticketly works with the below third parties ("Sub-Processors") to provide specific functionality. To perform their functions, these Sub-processors access Personal Data as defined in the Data Processing Addendum for Organisers.

Financial Sub-Processors

Google Cloud


Google Analytics